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In our endeavor to offer our customers well-built homes designed especially for them, Castlerock Designer Homes has invested in a state-of-the-art 3D software solution called Chief Architect. This is the ultimate tool to design architecturally pleasing and functionally efficient homes. 
The software, when used by a trained professional, creates a 3D model of your home which you can review and edit before the first nail is driven. The client can "walk" the home as it is being designed from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone at your home, office or anywhere in the world with an internet connection and an email account.

From simple bubble diagrams illustrating room arrangement to full 3D models with as much detail as you need to guide the design, Chief Architect has it. Simply put, we feel it is the very best design software available today at any price.
I have included a few of their demonstration screenshots from www.chiefarchitect.com.
Your Design in 3D!
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D  E  S  I  G  N  E  R   H  O  M   E  S
After all, your home is your castle!
3D Viewer Samples:
1) Click on icon below to open weblink, 2) download and save pdf file to your computer, 3) open saved pdf file with Adobe Reader                , 4) click on image in pdf.
3D Flash Sample: